Quality is of paramount importance to us we ensure we constantly exceed the expectations of our clients and never let them down

Regular Laboratory Testing of Resins

We ensure our resins are rigorously tested to guarantee the process is effective at all times.  All our resins are regularly sampled and undergo strict laboratory testing to exceptionally high standards. Tests include specific gravity, viscosity, gel time, moisture and oil content.  Regular onsite testing is also carried out by our team of experienced staff.

Automotive, Industrial and Military Specifications

Our mainstream thermocuring methacrylate resins meet MIL-I-17563C standard and our processes comply with MIL-STD-276A and AMS03_1A (previously issued as Def03-1 issue 4) along with the majority of customer specific industrial impregnation specifications.

ISO 9001:2015

We are an ISO 9001:2015 registered company.  Our current registration runs from 23 December 2020 until 22 December 2023 and we participate in regular robust auditing carried out by BSI.

A copy of our certificate can be viewed here Certificate of Registration ISO9001 2015 to 261226