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Dot Peen Marking

DOT Peen Marking at ISL
Unique sub-contract service for one off or batch marking and identification

ISL have both hand held and benchtop DOT Peen marking capabilities. Our machines are fully programable with maximum marking window area of 160 x 120mm.

Electromagnetic percussive hammer technology drives a tungsten carbide stylus into the surface material leaving a series of joined dot marks.  Known for their high quality marking, our machines are able to place text, pictures, and data matrix codes at the touch of a button.  The precise, powerful stylus assembly allows for deep, sharp marking, whilst the large marking window allows for the marking of high, easily read characters.

Fast and efficient, our team are used to carefully handling production ready components so if you’ve got 1 or a 1000 parts with permanent marking requirements then we can help. 

Key features:

  • Permanent repeatable readable marking
  • Name, address, part numbers, and instructions all possible with DOT PEEN
  • Works on wood, metals, and plastics
  • Avoids low quality, wrong and botched manual stamping (along with NO MORE hammer strikes to thumbs)

Key features:

  • Fast, efficient, and reliable
  • Portable equipment – onsite and offsite service
  • Enables DataMatrix, date, time, logos, and increments
  • Supports ISL’s existing pressure test services
  • Supports ISL Impregnation ‘process confirmation’

Key features:

  • DOT PEEN marking provides the ability to place high quality marks on your products consistently, quickly allowing you to be more productive and ensuring 100% reliable part traceability
  • We can work from most data sources including Excel, Access, CSV or just plain text on the back of an envelope.